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November 2016

In Deutschland haben nur noch jene eine Zukunft, die Hilfe erhalten. In Germany only those still have a future who are receiving support.

Dr. Zoz, 03.11.2016:

March 2016

Kinder haben ein Recht auf Unversehrtheit - die Eltern und die Gesellschaft sind dafür verantwortlich. Children do have a right for protection - parents and society are responsible.

Dr. Henning Zoz, 07.03.2016

March 2016

Wer sich nicht traut, seine Meinung öffentlich zu vertreten - hat keine wirksame Meinung. If you don't dare to broadcast your opinion, your opinion is not effective.

Dr. Henning Zoz, 09.03.2016

March 2016

I want to thank you very much for organizing the wonderful OZ-16 meeting and the rich diversity of excellent presentation topics as well as all the social ceremonies and excursions. I met many new people at the meeting and enjoyed getting reacquainted with some of my past friends.

Dr. David Hoelzer, OakRidge, TN, USA, 10.03.2016

August 2015

...read an article of Japanese newspaper "Nihon Keizai Shinbun" which said TDC had started a joint venture with German company Zoz Group ! I am sure this has made your company famous in Japan, since the newspaper is Japanese most known economic paper, which is read by almost all Japanese managers or investors.

Takaharu Maeguchi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Japan, branch office in Paris August, 31, 2015 in an email